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Catalyst Theatre is committed to bringing high-quality, original theatrical work to the forefront, in Edmonton, throughout the country and around the world. The company is committed to promoting the work of its collaborative team of artists in local, national and international markets, and to creating a supportive environment that allows emerging and established theatre professionals to continue to evolve and mature. The company is also committed to an ongoing process of internal assessment and organizational development to ensure that all aspects of the company continue to respond to our changing ecology and new opportunities.

Edmonton is our home. The world is our stage.

Canada’s Catalyst Theatre creates bold, distinctive and highly theatrical productions – ‘Made-In-Edmonton’ theatre that is presented across Canada and around the world. The company’s core creative team strives for the unexpected, seeking out innovative ways to tell powerful stories through the inventive and playful use of evocative music, haunting sound, poetic text, dynamic choreography and stunning & surreal ... Read More

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