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LEDUC, Alberta

VISION: Where all individuals are empowered to achieve their full potential, by having the opportunity to access basic social needs. MISSION: To empower our community to aid those in need of food support through strategic: Collaborations, Educational Programs and Re-distribution of food and goods. VALUES: Helping - Taking care of others to meet their needs. Client Empowerment - Enabling our clients to move things forward. Fulfillment - Personal, organizational, and/or community accomplishment towards a common goal. Teamwork - Effective collaboration as part of the ommunity towards a common goal. Organizational Growth - Being effective and relevant at what we do

The Leduc & district Food Bank is an organization that relies on community donations and volunteer support in order to provide short term assistance to residents within seven municipalities with an approximate population of 85,000.
We are here to work alongside and in collaboration with other helping agencies to help fill gaps when needed.
We offer the following programs.
-Food Hampers
Bread Basket program
Tools for School program,
Schools Snack Attack Program
Kitchen Learning Center and Life Skills Center.

How Donations Work

Click any 'Donate Now' button and then decide your donation amount. You will then be forwarded to your payment processor of choice. Once your donation has been processed it will be sent to your charity of choice.

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