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Medicine Hat, Alberta

Medicine Hat Women's Shelter Society supports individuals who have experienced family violence by providing safe shelter, education, advocacy and access to community resources. We are committed to social change by providing programs and services that promote treating all people with respect and dignity.

Our Vision
All individuals live free from violence and abuse.

Our Guiding Principles
-We believe that violent and abusive behavior is a deliberate choice;
-We honor that victims always respond to and resist abuse and violence;
-We believe that people have the capacity to change;
-We are committed to providing a positive social response to every person;
-We believe in providing a socially responsible and financially accountable organization to the community;
-We value innovative practices and strong advocacy that offers a strong public voice;
-We believe that dedicated and compassionate staff can effect change.

How Donations Work
Click any 'Donate Now' button and then decide your donation amount. You will then be forwarded to your payment processor of choice. Once your donation has been processed it will be sent to your charity of choice.

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