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E2 Society for Twice-Exceptional Learners

Edmonton, Alberta

Our vision is to provide a school environment where twice-exceptional learners are welcomed, become members of a community of peers, and are encouraged to pursue their passions while still being exposed to a well-rounded curriculum. Our Mission is to establish E2 Academy as a first-of-its-kind centre of excellence in Alberta for the education of twice-exceptional children with complex needs and to deliver a unique talent and strength-based program of instruction adapted to the needs of twice-exceptional learners.

E2 Academy is unlike any other school. Our promise is to use our talent, strength-based, and student-centered program to educate twice-exceptional students. We educate a diverse population of individuals that think outside-the-box and have a range of strengths, interests and learning differences.

We believe a program designed around the strengths of our students offers the best chance of unlocking their enormous potential. We also understand their asynchronous development, ... Read More

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