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CALGARY, Alberta

PMAST is a Calgary based registered charity who has provided anti-bullying and conflict management solutions to Calgary high schools, for over 20 years, funding permitting. Our goal is to equip all youth with the ability to demonstrate conflict management skills where they live, learn, work and play. For today’s youth, conflict is a challenge which hinders the development of self-esteem, self-worth and a sense of belonging; all factors impacting a person's emotional and mental wellness. When not properly addressed, the damage of conflict continues through adulthood. Research supports what we already know to be true: unresolved conflict has a serious impact on the wellbeing of families and communities.

“According to STATS CAN, in 2012-2013 there were a total of 41,049 adult offenders incarcerated in Canadian federal and provincial prisons on an average day”. Costs per day for Canadian Federal Prisons average about $260/day per offender. This equals about
$10,673,000 PER DAY or $4 BILLION PER YEAR
and this is only the cost of incarceration. It does not include societal costs for courts, police, probation, legal, victims, rehab programs, property ... Read More

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