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Africa/Congo-Adult Education and General fund


A CAL program offers a number of advantages over conventional schooling:
● Schools can be established quickly and at low cost in a variety of settings.
● It is inexpensive; the cost per graduate per year is very low
● Computers are not limited by a teacher’s working hours.

CPI Philosophy: Education for All
● CPI is committed to the idea that education should be available to all, even those from the poorest families.
● Unlike many public schools, we promote "no dress code". This reduces the costs to the students and make education more affordable
● Attendance is voluntary. Students come to study without coercion on the part of the school. A student missing a day or a week of study will resume at the place they left off before their absence.
● Open admission: Students can enroll at any time of the year and are not restricted to a fixed start date.
● Tutoring: Students have access to all the learning materials on the computer, and are expected to access these resources to correctly answer questions in the curriculum. As well, students are encouraged to ask their peers if they need help. Technicians are available, but it is not their function to teach; rather, they direct students to the appropriate resources.

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