Ghost River Theatre Society

CALGARY, Alberta

Ghost River Theatre is a devised theatre company that creates, develops and mounts original productions through a significant investment in imaginative research and development. We make our work in a rigorous, supportive, collaborative-creation environment that recognizes and utilizes the unique abilities of all participants. We premiere our work in Calgary and then tour it nationally and internationally. Our work embraces a hybrid of high tech visual spectacle with low-fi theatrical magic. As Stephen Hunt of The Calgary Herald stated, “Ghost River does more with less money than any other theatre group since those Cirque du Soleil guys were busking on the streets of Old Montreal.” Check out our promo videos at


Ghost River Theatre is one of the rare companies that creates all its own work. Imaginative stories uniquely created and shared; human stories that matter to our audiences. Creating new work like a rich soup takes time to simmer, and innovative work - like innovation in any industry - requires lots of clever minds thinking, playing and experimenting together. Calgary is a centre of innovation in many ways, and GRT's ... Read More

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