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Legacy Place Society

Calgary, Alberta

When we call 911 - Police, Fire or EMS show up - to help us, to save our lives and provide safety to our community. So does our Canadian Armed Forces - serving locally and internationally with peace keeping and so much more to keep our country safe and help others. What happens when they call for help? How about those who serve in the jails? There is progress and awareness around First Responder and Military Personnel mental health, but there still is a stigma of a helper asking for help. There is significant concern for their job safety. The men and women in uniform are skilled, tough and know what they are doing. They are good at what they do. The reality is though, their mental well being does get affected by what they see, hear and deal with. They help us when we are at our worst in health, crime, disaster, danger. They run into what we run away from. Post Traumatic Stress, Operational and Occupational Stress Injuries occur. Sometimes this also includes suicide. Could you do their job?

The unique challenges of the Peace Officer, Fire Fighter, Emergency Medical Services, 911 Dispatch and Military Professions is why Legacy Place Society exists. We started the charity because of suicides with First Responders in Southern Alberta.
Simply put, the sights, sounds, carnage, crime, terrorism, threats, danger, natural disasters and more have a direct impact on the mental well being of our First Responders and Military Personnel. It also carries vicarious trauma to the ... Read More

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